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Our mission is to provide a safe environment for all of the dancers, where effort is respected and expression is welcome. We will humbly serve as ambassadors for Tompkins Falcons. We will balance academics, school spirit and community giving, to develop ourselves into successful young women. We will encourage our fellow schoolmates to join us as we strive to be the best that we can be.





Captain: Sofia Rivera
1st Sr. Lt: Alyssa Hogan
2nd Sr. Lt: Rachel Chao
Jr. Lt: Teyha Bernard
Jr. Lt: Abigail Brewer
Jr. Lt: Abri Villegas 

President & Co Event Coordinator: Nicole Wibner
Vice President & Co Event Coordinator: Ahona Ray
Historian & Co Chaplin: Allison Poulsen 
Adrianna Bouloy: Secretary & C0 Chaplin


 Social Officers


Line Mom 

 Jamie Benitez

Cavalettes Cavalettes Calvalettes Cavalettes.png
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