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Join the Crimson Cavalettes on the field for pre-game & in the stands as they cheer on
Tompkins Football!

Each registered sidekick will receive a Sidekick jersey, bow or headband. 
(All sidekicks are to be picked up by a pre-authorized parent at half-time.)

Sidekick Registration 
(Girls & Boys Welcome!)
Game: Check Back for 2024 Information!!!!
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***Early registration ends September 1st to guarantee a t-shirt

*Please note, there will only be 2 Sidekicks per Cavalette. It is on a first come basis. After that, you will be assigned a Cavalette to sit with.
MySidekick will be available to attend a 4:30pm Meet and Greet the night before Game Day in 2024, in the 0THS Dance Gym:*
The Crimson Cavalettes have permission to use any photographs of the above child for publication in community releases, Cavalettes video, our website or social media.

Thanks you for supporting the Crimson Cavalettes

Check back for 2024 Sidekicks! We hope to see you next season!

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